The equipment that we supply is based on many factors:

  • Whether we can use your existing cabling
  • The type of cable and how many wires are inside each cable
  • Whether the cables run to a junction box or directly to the panel
  • The location of the power supply
  • Whether your panel is surface or flush mounted
  • The type of lock and electric release that is fitted

Certain equipment is more suited in certain applications than others and we base our decisions on your needs and the factors above.

Although we can supply and fit almost anything available, we tend to install certain brands that have proved reliable, robust, durable, cost effective and that are pleasing to the eye.

Compatibility is also another issue – if a manufacturer changes the design in the future, is the new equipment compatible with the older models? Will spares still be available in years to come?

And you may be surprised to learn how many intercom systems are poorly built – or are held together with plastic clips that break when you try to service them. Speakers with paper cones instead of Mylar – the list is endless.

Over the years, we have learnt by experience which equipment is durable and while nothing lasts forever, we have a very low failure rate of what we do install.


Professional, prompt and reliable!