Amblecote LLP are based in London and we specialise in the sales, repair and maintenance of Door Entry Systems, Video Entry Systems, Coded Access as well as Fire Prevention.


    Home Maintenance

    Service Overview

    Our team of fully-trained and certified engineer are not only experts at installing security systems; they are also trained to work on all brands of security equipment currently in the market, allowing us to offer an efficient and reliable one-stop solution when it comes to your security needs. We can help you stay safe with access control maintenance in London.

    Maintenance contracts for systems supplied and installed by us

    There will be a one-year guarantee. Within this year, our maintenance team will be available for priority fault repairs. However, the following are not covered:
    Vandalism, misuse, wilful damage, forced break-ins
    Work carried out by a none Amblecote engineer
    Whether your panel is surface or flush mounted
    Third party’s work, such as decoration or construction
    The location of the power supply
    The type of lock and electric release that is fitted

    Style 1: Preventative maintenance

    Under the preventative maintenance contract, we will carry out one visit per year as preventative check, which includes:
    Works carried out beyond preventative maintenance will be charged at the current hourly labour rates on an hourly basis for each site. Parts will be charged as extra but the call out fee will be waived.

    Style 2: Full cover maintenance

    As per the preventative maintenance contract, plus:
    Any repairs due to the reasons below are not covered:
    Charges: The annual maintenance rate is based on the size of the site, the equipment fitted and the condition of existing equipment. The maintenance fee, plus the VAT, will be payable in at least one month in advance before the contract expires. If unpaid after the due date, it will be deemed to have lapsed.

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